Suspected neuropathic pain/central post-stroke pain. Should I take...?

Hello. I’m 24, and I’ve got brain AVM in May 2014. I always feel headache/migraine. Doctors suspected that I have hydrocephalus but after a test, he said I’ve probably “traumatic sequelae”.

Currently I’m taking Etoricoxib. It does reduce my pain, but I read online that it could cause stroke 5X.

My question is, should I instead take Effexor or any other pain medicine? Effexor because I’ve read that it can reduce neuropathic pain.

P.S. I’m currently taking Keppra, Epilim, Frisium, Lexapro and Etoricoxib. Could Effexor possibly replace Lexapro and Etoricoxib?

Thank you!


Welcome back!

I’ve no experience to offer you myself in this space, so I hope others can tell you about their experiences and perhaps some things about the drugs they use. One area we need to be very careful of is that we don’t try to diagnose you or appear to prescribe anything in the way of drugs. You really need to seek the opinion of your doctor and/or pharmacist about most of your question.

One thing I have read (and which fits with other experience) is that sometimes reviewing your collection of medicines with your doctor can be important, with a view to cutting some out rather than adding more to the pile. So, consider having a review and see if one of the several you are on is giving you issues, or might be an issue in combination with others.

As others have suggested before, ask about a doctor who specialises in epilepsy rather than a neurosurgeon, perhaps.

Hope this helps. Very best wishes,



Thank you.

But sometimes I’ve still got epilepsy, perhaps one or two in 2 months .During epilepsy I’m somehow sober. Is it OK to cut back epilepsy medicine?



Can’t tell you that. You’d need to talk with the doctor.

The impression I get is that none of this works 100%. The trick is to find a drugs balance that gives you the best overall effect.

Talk to the doc.