Surprise Party

Last Saturday I threw a surprise 50th party for Richie. After months of planning the jig was up when one of his docs got out of his car the same time Richie did. It was so nice to have all of our family and friends together for a happy occasion after all the events over the last 8 months or so. If someone would have told me we would be celebrating several months ago I would never have believed it because things looked so grim. I guess I wanted to share this because even though things seem like they will never get better they can. I realize that there are not always happy endings, but miracles happen. Hang on tight to the one you love for the bumpy ride because there is always hope. I have learned so much throughout this whole experience and I now have to start to see all the good that has come out of such a terrible time. My heart and prayers are with you all during all the challenges you face.

Thank you, Laurie. Please give Richie my belated happy birthday wishes. just turned th big 5-0 last month and I’m still in shock! lol

Laurie excellent work!!!

That was really lovely. You are right. There is good that comes out of the worst situations as hard as that is to see sometimes. All the best Laurie. I bet he had the best time ever.

Congratulations on his 50! It is a bumpy ride. So bumpy you feel like you’re going to get thrown off. So just hang on tight. I’m so very happy for you and Richie.