HI all

I was just wondering did anyone had the open skull operation? I all ready had 3 ebolizations done.
I have a fistula near my ear at the back of my head.
Its also called avm.
Any info will be nice
Thank you

Scarycat, our members have had a lot of craniotomies -- I'm not sure why you haven't gotten any responses. Dural AVMs are different from other brain AVMs, however, so if you are looking for advice, you should stick to members who have had dural AVMs. Repeat embolizations are more commonplace with dural AVMs than with other types of brain AVMs. If you are confident in your surgeon, and he has successfully removed dural AVMs in the past and believes he can remove yours successfully, that might be a better option than repeated embolizations, especially if you are considering children. I suggest getting a couple of opinions, though, before proceeding.

I did a search own the word dural for you… only about 23 pages showed up.
When I looked up the word craniotomy…335 pages popped up. I can tell you that almost everyone is extremely tired after brain surgery.
Please keep us posted!

Mine was not a dural AVM. But for what its worth, I did have a craniotomy. I suffered a stroke two days later, before I had a chance to come out of the drug fog, so I have basically zero memory of how I felt after the surgery only. Although I've been told that people were startled by how awake and alert I was so soon afterwards. I also know that I had almost constant headaches for quite awhile afterwards. They're gone now though and I don't think I get headaches anymore often than the average person. I'm not sure what else you're looking for and some of the things I experienced were linked to the stroke which we believe caused the majority of my complications, so telling you about those won't be very helpful

Thank you.

Thanks for replying, not so many info on dural sinus avm though...