Surgery was yesterday, today I am doing pretty good

Dr Speltzer and his team finished up yesterday after about an eight hour procedure. Today, I waiting for a regular room as soon as one comes available. God is good! Recovery is moving along smoothly.

Wow! What a surgery and recovery! Congratulations! God has been holding your hand, He is so good! I hope it all continues to go so well!! :slight_smile:

So glad to hear from you so soon, Heather! Fantastic!

Wonderful News Heather! God is so Good - ALL of the time ❤ I'm overjoyed to hear your recovery is going smoothly! May you rest and recover and emerge even stronger from this ✞

How lovely, Heather! So good to hear from you. Get lost of rest. :)

Fantastic news, Heather!

Yay, Heather! So glad all went well.
Be sure to rest, rest, rest! :)
Thanks for the update.

Spetzler??? You’re in great hands!!! We’re in AZ too and barrows is the only place to be!!! My husband had his surgery in NYC but has been a patient of Dr. Spetzler and Dr. Zabramsky for the past 20 years! Rest up! Feel well soon!

Good for you Heather. Rest up. You need it!

Hi Heather, yay for you posting this update. I agree that God is good and wish you a continued smooth recovery.

Oh so happy for you. Glad to have that thing out of your head! So fast to be getting to a regular room. Rest, rest, rest....

Thank you

Glad to report good news!

Resting in Arizona until Friday, it is amazing that a two night stay at the hospital was all.

Rest and Relax, that is my goal for the next week!

Thanks Tim

Thank you

Good to know that you are a Spetzler fan too!

Will do.

Thank you Susan!