Surgery update

So after many months of waiting I am finally getting treated for my avm. I was told it was in operable but have since learned that not to be the case. So my big day is november eleventh. Here in nashville tennessee I will have my mom keep everyone updated as much as possible. Take care everyone and remember time will come when none of us have any sickness let alone this stupid avm. Isaiah 33:24.

Hi Patrice…my english is not very good…I wish you the best…you are in my prayers…luz

Our prayers will be with you on November 11th Patrice!!!

Hi Patrice. We will look forward to the updates! I will be praying for you on Nov 11th!

All the best Patrice… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Patrice. Good luck in November. Let us know how it goes!

Thoughts and prayers are with you!!


I will pray for you on Nov. 11 and before. With the Lord all things are possible!