Surgery Tomorrow and Friday

Well it seems the time has finally come.

After only 3 months form when we found the AVM to now…seems like forever ago. After meeting with my new neuroradiologist after my other one bailed, I am back t at least having faith in my Doctors. THe new guy is super nice and really knows waht he is talking about. He is taking a bit different approach of less is more for the embolization. Just trying to more then anything make the neurosurgeon’s job easier.

Either way, my dad flew down from Virginia to be with me. I haven;t seen him in almost 3 years, and he braved an airplane ( he hasn't flown since 74) to be with me. My family and I are having a special lunch today as a pre surgery happy celebration. So that will be nice. I am so absolutely out of my mine crazy scared/nervous that my own mine and body can;t even process it. So I guess that is a ghood thign becasue it means I am not activly scared.

So Embolization Tomorrow (10/21), and Craniotomy Friday (10/22)

Hope to be out of the hospital by Monday or Tuesday. and I will be glad to let you all know how it went.

Wishing you all the best Lyssa! Be well be strong and know many are thinking of you :slight_smile:

Good luck! I had 3 Embolization’s within a 3 month time and surgery day after last one. I was in hospital for 4 days. Could not wait to get out, but to be honestly I should have stayed one more day. Just because they have better pain control. Stay strong.

Lyssa, thoughts and prayers sent your way! Let us know when you are up to it!

My thoughts and prayers are with you Lyssa. Stay positive and strong…all my best to you.

Lyssa, best of luck to you. Can’t wait to hear the good news. Be well!

Sending BEST WISHES your way!!

Hey Lyssa! You will be fine. Try to relax and have faith in God and the doctors. You will do great! I will be thinking about you. All the best.

Sending prayers your way! My daughter did the same thing. Embolization the day before the surgery, mainly to make the surgery safer and easier. Can’t wait to hear that you are through and on your way to recovery.


I will be at your side in loving spirit.
Everything will be just fine. Know that you are in good hands with your neurosurgeons, and will get the best aftercare.

Lyssa,…I send you my thoughts and prayers.

Your friend,…


Hi Lyssa,

best of luck to you and wishing you well on your recovery to come! Best wishes and prayers. God bless!!!


Best wishes to you and hope to hear back from you soon!

Thinking about you today. I’m now 6 months recovered from my craniotomy…so if you have questions on the process, let me know.

Hi Lyssa, Thinking of you and hoping all is going great. Please rest, take it easy and update us when you feel up to it. :slight_smile: