Surgery Successful

Greetings to all. My daughter’s left front temporal AVM surgery at UCLA was a great success. It is incredible. Docs did an angiogram about 30 hours after surgery that showed the AVM was gone. Surgery day ,Tuesday, was very long, & she was discharged Saturday. Everything went so well; she was her normal fiesty, talkative self, joking, laughing, the day after surgery! Everything seems normal. I talked to her mid morning today, Sunday, and she said she hadn’t needed pain meds since night before! Of course she is resting in bed most of time but walking a bit to built her stamina. The scar runs from back bottom of ear to up & over to widow’s peak area. Of course the least of our concerns but she should be able to part hair over it when they take out staples in 10 days. She’ll go back for evaluation in 6 weeks. Everyone at UCLA was terrific, Dr. Neil Martin & team, the brain mapping team during surgery, the wonderful nurses in ICU & all others. There are no words to express our gratitude for these dedicated brillant professionals & the many donors who helped built this new facility with it’s incredible technology. Many thanks for everyone’s kind wishes & prayers. Lisa

That is so good to hear. I am glad she is doing well and that the angiogram showed the avm was gone. Wish her a speedy recovery from me and take care yourself.

I’m so glad she’s feeling so well. Continued warm wishes for you and her.

I’m so glad things went so well with your daughters surgery. and parting your hair to the side isn’t too awful, if its the only way you can fix it. Lol…its how I have to fix mine now too. my scar is in the shape of a headband from my left ear to about 2.5 inches above my right ear. And my avm was also in the left frontal lobe so a lot in common. I am praying for her. :slight_smile:

Praise God…such wonderful news…and I know for me…it gives me hope! Thank you for sharing and God bless your family!

such fantastic news …glad all those prayers and positive thinking payed off

I am happy to hear she’s well! It takes a brave person to go thru all that! You should both be proud! :wink:

Oh good for her! I’m continuallly amazed at the strength people on this site have shown. Amazing that she is doing so well after brain surgery! Great news!

I know how thankful and relieved you must all feel. I hope she continues to feel well and that her recovery is short!

Oh My Gosh! I am so glad to hear she did so well! Strong girl you have there. Dr. Neil Martin should be given an award for saving lives! Your daughter was given a second chance at life and I hope she lives life to her fullest! Good News! : )