Surgery Successful

To all my friends on AVM network...first of all, let me thank each and every one of you for your postings, advice, support and prayers. We returned from Sydney on 3rd Oct and this is the first opportunity I have to get online, things have been very very hectic for us all. However, good news! My daughter is now AVM/aneurysm free and is recovering very well from her ordeal. What should have been a month, was in fact 9 weeks. She was in ICU for 4 weeks in an induced coma after the first surgery (AVM). She was recovering from that and then they told us there was an aneurysm that had to be removed, so in again she went although this time is was a much smaller operation. 9 weeks later she is home and having at-home rehab. Karen has a slight speech problem, she can talk but has problems with big words. Her right side has some numbness but she was up and walking, climbing stairs etc within 2 weeks of her recovery period. Considering what she had done to her, this is remarkable progress, and we have been told that she will make a full recovery within 6-12 months. We are so very grateful to Prof Morgan, his team and the wonderful nursing staff at MUH.
If I can be of help to anyone of you out there, you have only to ask. I cannot be online as much as I would like to, as I take care of Karen and her two small children while her husband works offshore. But I will try to when I can. Thank you all for contacting me and for your support.

so happy to hear all is going well, he is a great doctor and we are all very lucky to have him :)


So glad to hear your daughter is AVM/aneurysm free - yay!
Best wishes on her progress in neuro rehab.

That's awesome news. Continued health for your daughter!! Best news I saw all day!!