Surgery soon...Need housing near Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan

Does anyone know of any organizations that may offer free or discounted housing near Lenox Hill Hospital? I have reached out to Catholic Charities and the AVM & Aneurysm Foundation.

Our AVM sister, Jennifer, is scheduled to begin months of surgeries during the first week of May. She is expecting to be in the city through August.

She has been tirelessly looking for an apartment to rent and is coming up with crazy numbers like $13,000 a month. Manhattan is EXPENSIVE!

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Airbnb might have lower-priced options.

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Iam treated for my AVM in NYC, the last hospital I was treated at Lenox Hill with Dr. Rafael Ortiz, a great surgeon! I always stay at the hospital apartment at mid town close to Roosevelt Hospital. Ask Your Dr. if he could make arrangements for your from his office or would know a doctor who can do it for you. I pay $100.00 a night for a studio and you will have to make the reservation with a credit card which when you check out they will charge. Many docotors in Lenox Hill Hosp. are not participating, insist to them that you need this reservation to be made. I have been using this facilities for 10 years now. I could not afford to stay in NYC anywhere else. Good Luck


Thank you, Alicia!

Good suggestion JH!

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I may know of a place in Nassau, Long Island. It’s scout a 45 minute ride to the city. I can look into it if interested.

I think any short term rentals like that will be expensive. You could also try Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, CT. Close to the city but may be less expensive. Maybe too you could check the Cities about 45 min away in Jersey. Maybe seeing if someone is willing to do a 6 mth lease might help get the rent down. Good Luck and I wish you the best.

Please call the Patient Relations department at Lenox Hill hospital on Monday, 212–434–2095 . Explain your situation, and ask them for advice on what to do. I am sure you are not the only one who is in need of housing because you are coming from another part of the country for special treatment. Good luck!

You can check at the hospital they often have arrangements with local hotels etc

Have you looked into Ronald McDonald housing?

Couchsurfing - website where people provide free housing in their home.

Just seconding carolyn's suggestion. Ronald McDonald house is a children's charity, but they might have a good idea of what is available in the area.

Ronald McDonald House New York
Address: 405 E 73rd St, New York, NY 10021
Phone:(212) ■■■■■■■■

Five years ago, I did contact the Lenox Hill Patient-Relations Dept. I was planning a 5 nite stay, with 2 separate procedure days and one Post-procedure office visit. Affinia was the only connection back then. The hotel was being subsidized for their cut rate service. Call early so you get a reservation very close to Lenox Hill. Afffinia Hotels offers a discount for lenox hill pts and their families. It had a nice kitchen. But cheap for NY is still $250/nite. We did it for a short term stay. My husband stayed there while I was inpatient for two nites. We had a stay - (at home) - cation that year. No complaints. I knew from ten previous embolizations that I would not be up for subways, etc. It was tax deductible, I believe. We are not wealthy, but the cost was worth it. Very antiseptic place.Clean sheets every day mattered at the time. An acute awareness that they are dealing with patients. There was a terrible thunderstorm one nite that kept my husband away for an hr. I had a bleeding type situation, the housekeeper was cool, calm and collected when I asked her to help me. She seemed very familiar with applying pressure to wound, etc. It was not a 911 type emergency. Pharmacy meds were brought right to my door. I believe I heard that two singles of same gender can split the cost.

Helmsley Towers offered a similar discount in the Sloane Kettering area.

My friends at can offer alternatives such as sub-letting an apt in Staten Island. They were able to take ferry, train. I just had to break my piggy bank acct.