Surgery Scheduled

I know in this forum that I am one of the lucky ones. The onset of wife’s seizures led them to find her AVM prior to a bleed. (I’m thankful that the seizures helped us find the AVM but as a spouse I’m not a real big fan of Keppra.) Our original doctors told us that she was not a good candidate for the Gamma Knife and we could have craniotomy surgery if we wanted. We had all of the images of my wife’s AVM sent to Dr. Lawton at UCSF. He recommended surgery and it is scheduled for the end of August at UCSF. It has taken a slow four months from the original diagnosis to get to this point, but now it is all so sudden. I think I understand the details of the surgery, but really have no idea what will be ahead of us.

Best wishes to you and your wife, Dave. I hope her surgery has the best possible outcome! Keep us posted.

Hi Dave,
Best wishes to you & your wife. Will be hoping for a successful surgery & smooth recovery! :)
Her neurosurgeon is among the top neurosurgeons treating AVM's.
Address any concerns re: Keppra w/ her drs.
Please keep us posted as you are able.

Keppra has the least side effects then most but you guys have to decide. Not sure I had a choice at the time I went on it. You have to weigh out the benefits vs. risks. A grandmal seizure can be very serious. I had Surgery for my Cav. Malf by Dr. lawton at UCSF so I can tell you he is very good at what he does but plz ask lot's of questions! I can't say this enough! Dave you can msg me anytime! Plz let me know how things go! Is this an AVM or a Cav. Malformation? Mine was over 3 Cm's at time of surg. Check out my story and see my pics. Dr. Lawton and his team did a wonderful job, he is def. one of the best and she will be in good hands! Hope everything goes well. Where is her AVM?

I also understand all the fears too! This is a scary thing to go through. I am from the Bay Area but now live in Foothills of Sac. If I could drive to SF I would to support you guys. Tell your wife if she is able to get in contact with me. My email is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Thanks everyone,

Today her itinerary for the surgery came in and it really freaked her out. She had mainly been worried about how much of her hair they were going to shave. Now the fears are a little more real. It was the first time in a couple months that she has cried about all of this.

Her AVM is in the front left about 3 centimeters.