Surgery schedule for 30th July

Hi to all my friends out there. Been a while since ive posted but things have moved fairly quickly and have been busy with arrangements. My daughter Karen is scheduled for surgery with Dr Michael Morgan, Macquarie Uni Hospital on 30th July and we leave for Sydney next week 25th. Praying everything will be ok for her.
Many thanks to all of you for your feedback and support and Judy/Tony - special thanks for letting me know about Dr Morgan who is probably the best man for AVMs in Australia. Your prayers and good wishes are deeply appreciated.

Best wishes and blessing to you and your daughter. One of the reason I got through all I've went through was my mom. It's such a blessing to have a mother who is strong, very positive , pushy lol and most important a women with a strong faith. I hope everything turns out great!

Thankfully, you found the best AVM Doc. in Austrialia! Good job, Mom! Karen will be in my thoughts and prayers! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

Dear Ramona
Karen will truly be in very good hands - just so you know, Judy and I were operated on , on the same day, by Prof Morgan. In fact we became each others valentines day buddies - both being the only patients in ICU - february 14, 2010.
Thank goodness for the support of her wonderful husband, and my darling Jenny

Ah there u r Tony :)only saw this after i asked about Prof Morgan(still finding my way around here and not doing such a gr8 job of it either!)lol dont know where to look sometimes. Been in touch with Judy a lot and she has been a tremendous help. Didnt know you were operated on the same day tho! Thats great. Yes, been doing some research and iknow we couldnt have found a better surgeon than Prof.Morgan.