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Surgery Recovery Time?

How long would it take to be able to care for ones self and children after having a avm removed in the right frontal lobe by open surgery? Does anyone have expierence with this they can share?

I need to do something but I am now a single dad with two boys 11 & 13 so knowing someone’s expierence with recovery would be helpful.

I am going for surgery on my right frontal lobe tomorrow!!

I have been told the first month I will be sleeping a lot… after about 3 I should feel back to normal perhaps just needing a nap every now an then. Your children are older so this shouldn’t be a problem for you

Good luck!!!

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I am now 2 weeks post op. I am needing help with my 1 & 2 year old as i need a afternoon nap & my energy levels aren’t as they used to be. However my 9 year old is easy!!! Yours are older so i dont imagine you will need as much help as you may think- maybe they will help you out?! Xxx