Surgery or radiation?

hi everyone i just had an appoinment with my nuerosurgeon and he gave 3 options 1 ignore my avm 2: have radiation or 3:surgery im confused because of all the side affects and risk and of course i dont want to ignore it!if they found it is for a reason so if anyone can please help me thanks

Elly, I'm sure it all seems very overwhelming and difficult. First, I would suggest seeking at least one other opinion. You need to be sure that you have complete faith and trust in your doctor. Make sure your surgeon is familiar with and has treated AVMs. It is a very difficult decision but with help from a doctor that you trust you can weigh the pros and cons of each.

Hi Elly. This sub-group might be able to answer some of your questions about radiation…
Whatever you decide to do about your AVM…we will back you up all the way!

Hi Elly,
I just found out about my avm through another accident that I had an MRI for. I have had an angio and an appt with a surgeon too. She gave me the three options as well which like you makes me even more confused. Through research and this great support group I have decided to have surgery so that I never have to worry about a bleed. To me they found it for a reason. I am very scared of surgery but I have been told by my surgeon that mine is a good palce for surgery. Where is yours located?

Hello Elly. It is very frightening when you first find out that you have an AVM. Being given choices can be very difficult as well. As Trish has said, you really need faith in your surgeon, and for me, faith was from my surgeons knowledge and experience in AVM's. All the best to you! glad you have made your decision! My surgeon didn't give me 3 choices; the only one for me was surgery & he explained why. My thoughts & prayers are with you both!

i had the gamma kneif which is the radiation; within a week, my arm ruptured and i had craniotomy which is the surgery - this was ok but you hse the hole in the skull; which then gives you th option for crainoplasdty; after an unsuccessful crauinoplasty, i have decided o live without the implant;quality of life has not decreased;just yesterday more tab 8 months from my craniotomy i had my first seizure; so now on meds for this;
i don't think there is a simple answer as things happen differently to people;

At kinder I know that its,located on my right side exactly idk where I didint know to ask all this questiond untill I got in hete I have an appointment tomorrow with the dr that does the radiation for a consult and ill be sure to ask everything and also for everyone else my nuedosurgeon haz done over 400surgerys on avms and is one of the top in the country so I only not have caith on hom but most of all on god I kno he will lead me to the right decision

Today Wednesday I went to meet with the radiation specialist and I’m still waiting they will meet up with all these different kind of doctors and decide what will be the best choices for me and I actually found out my avm is on my frontal lobe and it’s 2cm

Elly, my avm was also in the right frontal lobe. Ask lots of questions and you have to be very confidant in your surgeon. I chose the surgery, that was 7 months ago and I'm doing great. It's not an easy decision.

Thanks Dana how long is recovery?did they shave ur hair?

Hi,I'm curious what option you chose. I had the Gamma Knife Procedure 3 mos.ago & it went well. Take care --- Robert

At Robert I had gamma knife