Surgery next Tuesday

Thank you everyone for all the advice and prayers. I will be at UCSF on May 3 so I wont be able to join those doing the AVM walk. But I’ll be there in spirit. Have fun. I’ve decided to shave off all my hair and start fresh all together. Thanks to all of you in not as scared as I was a week ago. I’ll continue to post as I heal and recover.

Hi Chonne- You are one girl of action and I commend you on that. UCSF is a wonderful facility and I will be walking for you at Chrissy Field at the walk and thinking of how you are going to do so well in surgery and afterwards. All the best to you Chonne and I will look forward to your updates. Hugs!!!

Good luck with your surgery! Be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

I think we are just after you ! I hope my daughter will have surgery at UCSF on May 8.
can I ask you who will be the surgeon ?
can you share more information ? about the procedure , the hospital etc' ?
we will be traveling from very far to this hospital , and I have so many fears.
thank you , and I hope you will be well soon !

My doc is Dr. Lawton. And from what I’ve heard UCSF is wonderful. Everyone is different but my expected surgery time is around 6-10 hrs. And they say about 5 days after in hospital. How old is your daughter? Where are you coming from? I hope and pray all goes well for her. We are all tough and tho group makes us even tougher. Not to mention most of us have already survived through an aneurism or stroke or in my case both. Hang in there. My mom will post updates after surgery to keep you informed. Best of wishes and god bless

Good luck Chonne and we can't wait to hear the good news afer your surgery!

Thank you all again. Debora you brought tears to my eyes that you will be walking for me on Sat. You never know I may get out in time to walk next to you.

I'm glad those are tears of joy Chonne. I would love another walking partner :).

I've never heard of this walk! Maybe because I live in Michigan. I wish I could be there to walk and support everyone. Much love and support to all of you!

Wishing you the best next Tuesday! Stay Strong & Positive!

Debra...Are you going to the walk on SF? I so wish I could be there! Please find our friend Dina from TAAF. She is a gem and cares so much for AVM'rs! If you run into her, please give her a hug from me! Thanks, Louisa

Hi Louisa. Yes, I am going to the walk next week. Even though I live in the LA area, I try to get up there for the walk and visit friends too. I will certainly look for Dina and give her a hug. Perhaps one day soon we will have BF walks all around the country :).

Please let us know all about the walk....Would just love to attend one some day!

You can do this and prayers go out to you and your family. Keep us posted.