Surgery is completed and she is in icu

Christy was in surgery for 12 hours total and they did an angiogram and said the avm was gone…she is not on a vent, they went ahead and extubated her. She is in alot of pain and very swollen but very alert and glad its all over…she will be in icu until monday and then on the floor for a few days until she is getting around well. We dont know the extent of her vision loss at this time but at least she is here and doing as well as can be expected. Her sister and I are hunkered down in the icu waiting room with blankets and pillows and hoping all goes well for her throughout the night. Thank all of you for your good thoughts and wishes while we are going through this. I will keep you updated on her progress!! Cindy

I’m so happy to hear that her surgery went well! Keep us posted!

Thats is so good Cindy, wewill keep Christy in our prayers, take care

Thinking of you. Thanks for updating us.

Helo i am so glad to here cindy is doing well in her recovery we will keep her in our thoughts and prayers, sounds like they were a wonderful team of doctors.

yay! bless those doctors who have dedicated to their lives to saving people

Cindy, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Praying Christys nights and days go smoothly along.