Surgery in the new year

I had another appointment with the neurologist at Frenchay hospital on Friday. After the angiogram they're pretty sure I've got a cavernoma (I've joined the subgroup here), and we've decided it's probably best to get rid of it. Considering where it is, it could cause all kinds of interesting problems if it bleeds again.

I'll be having the operation next year - probably February. Thankfully it's at the back of my head, so it shouldn't show too much! The surgeon recommended taking 6-8 weeks off work afterwards, which is going to be strange. Luckily there's no shortage of freelance sub-editors who can cover for me.

I should get my driving licence back in 2013, which will be great - I might actually be able to afford a car by then! :P

Hi Tempestas,
Best-wishes on your upcoming appt.
Please keep us updated on your surgery date, so we can cheer you! :)

good luck Tempestas.. i'll be praying for you and thinking of you! best wishes!!!! **hugs**

Hi Tempestas i just read your profile and see that you are a runner, I love to run and use to run about 30k per week , however my neurologist advice regarding exercise was everything in moderation ,so i keep my runs to 45 mins max combined and then weights. Also he advised me to run only in the gym on the treadmill rather than road run ( for obvious reasons ). But I prefer to road run. Have you been given a date yet.