Surgery in 5 Days

Hello Everyone!
I am getting my AVM removed on Thursday and I would love to get some tidbits from those who have been through this before. It will begin with an embolization Wednesday morning and then assuming all goes well I will have the craniotomy the next day to fix this little bugger that is currently residing in my left frontal lobe. I feel extremely positive about this surgery and the outcome but I wouldn't oppose to some firsthand knowledge!


I got your note and friend request. The toughest thing vocally after surgery was the recovery to my vocal chords from the intubation. That took a while. My AVM ruptured, so I don't know the difference in the procedure for a ruptured vs. non-tuptured AVM. Beyond he intubation, I had to the dilantin after the surgery and it seemed to make my agile vocal chords rough and gummy. I later switched to tegretol which was better but not much….NOW, I take Keppra XR, which has no side effects compared to those old 1950's drugs. I just remember being tired and worn out all the time after the surgery and it took many months to feel normal again. Hopefully your recovery will be easier since yours isn't ruptured.

You're very brave! You're going into a frightening thing, so I commend you. It will be better to have that worry gone. Good luck!

I've never been through this but,.. I wanted to wish you "Good Luck" and I'll say a prayer for you.

Ben :)

I suggest arranging for a family member to take care of you the month after surgery. I needed help in just about everything but improved day by day. Also, getting Christmas shopping done before surgery will be one less thing to worry about! Prayers and best of luck.

I had a severe headache and vomiting on a Tues. again on Thurs. and went to my doctor, He suggested I get a MRI. Severe headache and vomitting on Sunday and went to emergency room. Kept at the local hospital for testing and MRI than transferred to Philadelphia hospital on thursday with a craniotomy on Friday 1/13/11 out of hospital on Monday 1/17/11. I did go to physical therapy and speech therapy for about two weeks afterwards. I was back to work 3/1/11 partime for about 3-4 weeks and then full time. Definately takes alot out of me so I spend Saturdays in bed sleeping and resting. I still have some trouble with words sometimes but that is getting better. Not sure it that is all the surgery or if its is because i am in my 50's.
I hope this has helped you. My husband and daughter were with me through the whole thing. That and my faith in God helped me emotionaly through the whole ordeal and I had some fantastic surgeons.
Sending prayers your way. May god bless and help you through.

Best wishes, vbaird! We are all rooting for you!

I echo dancermom's best wishes and with your positive attitude, you will do great!

If you are prone to post op sickness let the docs know as they can give you something to hopefully prevent it. Depending on whether you are right/left handed ask them to put drips (or ones that will be in the longest) in the other side (more for the embolisation - it makes things a little bit easier, though you might end up with things in both. Take a book or puzzles for the early stages when there may be waiting around.

Good luck for tomorrow.