Surgery done!

according to my doctors surgery went extremely well it only lasted 2 hrs and avm was obliterated. now im at home released from the hospital :slight_smile: said its going to take a while to return to my normal self. the worst part is post surgery i have terrible naseous! the headaches are not as bad as i would have thought just the nausea is so bad! did anyone else have really bad post surgery nausea?? any ideas to help tame it a littlle.but my left side is a little weak and un coordinated but that should return in time i was told. now im just at home relaxing for the next couple months til i can return to golf!!!ill keep eveyone posted during my recovery



The only time I had nausea was while in-hospital. Maybe yours is residual from anesthesia or meds you're on???

Hope you'll receive good physical therapy to help with the weakness and coordination issues.

Take care and rest, rest, rest. :)

Hi Nick, congratulations on getting through your procedure. I agree that the recovery is harder than the surgery itself. Wishing you the best of luck with your recovery. Best wishes.