Surgery done success!

Hello my friends,

short update: Monday morning 06.30 the surgery (laminotomy) started... 02.00 in the afternoon I woke up... my surgeon stood there : Move your feet! He told me.... AND I DID! Then he gave me his telephone and I called my wife (later she told me it sounded like drunken Michael)

After 20 hours intensivestation I back in life. Much hurt but gave me opiate. Was walking in the hospital park.....

Final : The surgeon has very good (very!) feeling that the av beast has left my spinal cord.

But (you know it all) I have to make the control angiography in 6 weeks. My 4th and sure the last!

Thank you all, hug you all
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Yay!!! We are all so excited for you Michael :slight_smile: congratulations n successful surgery, praying for a wonderful recovery

Thank you!!!!! I wish you all the best too! Regards from here!!

I am thrilled for you, Michael! How wonderful!

Congratulations!!!!! =D

Great to hear. Congratulations!!

congratulations michael that is great news i wish you a speedy and good recovery take care

Congratulations, Micheal! Best wishes to you on your recovery!

Congratulations Michael! Yayyyyy! Be good patient and don't over do it now (smiles).


Thank you all for your wishes!
I am at home now again, hospital time touched my soul (seeing everyday so many real ill people). Hoping the 'normal days' helping me out of this hospital depression.
Thank you all and good luck to you all!