Surgery Day

The doctor came out and said that his AVM was a bit more complicated than the y had thought from the MRI. Mhikey did very well in his 6hr surgery. After surgery he was sent to the ICU. He will hopefully move to a step down unit tomorrow. They are monitoring his BP. He was talking to me and opened his eyes. I think the meds are making him come in and out. He ask me the same questions more than once. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE KIND WORDS AND PRAYERS. I will try and update tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone else.

I am doing the Happy Dance for the both of you now!!!

That sounds wonderful…I am so happy for both of you… Thoughts and prayers still with you both, Lesley.

Wonderful news!

FANTASTIC!!! Those drug will definitely mess with him and no doubt be sleeping a lot and seem a little disconnected for awhile. On to a safe and quick recovery!

Hurray - sending much love and prayers your way.

So glad to know that the surgery went well. Good news that he was talking to you. Thanks for the update and let him know we’re all thinking of him!

My husband also was in and out after surgery and asked the same questions several times, I was so thrilled he could talk and knew to ask questions I did not care. I hope and pray things continue well for you all!



God Bless both of you are in our prayers.

Glad to hear the surgery went well!

The after effects of anesthesia and the pain meds they give us make us very sleepy, but rest is good! :)

Sending well wishes to you both and may he have a smooth recovery.


I’m so happy to hear Michael is doing well!! Praise God!!! I have an AVM in my right temporal lobe and my craniotomy is scheduled for March 17th. So it’s so good to hear about a successful surgery :slight_smile: