Surgery Date Confirmed

Hi there guys, i hope everyone is doing ok, I just thought i would pot an update

Last month i went and saw my neuro surgeon after my angiogram and we have opted for removal as radiation and micro surgery and stents are not an option for me, I was basically told i can wait till it hemmorages then they will remove it or I can have it removed now before it bleeds out, so i took it upon myself to accept the surgery and i am due to go into hospital on the 1st of October this year..... im quite scared, Im not happy that the scar is going to be huge (from ear lobe to middle ofmy head) and i will be in hospital minimum 2 weeks. I have been given the risk factors of it possibly affecting my speach and needing speech therapy afterwards and possibly physio for right side muscle weakness. but as i have said to my family it seems the better option than waiting for it to burst bleed or something happen that causes irreversible damage, my avm is on the semilarge scale behind my left eye in my temporal lobe hence the invasiveness of the surgery. I'm just trying at the moment to enjoy my summer holidays with my kids and not get anxious about the upcoming operation, but when you suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder its really hard to not dwell on it or get very very frightened........... so basicallly that's my recent update will hopefully not run screamin from the hospital befoe they get me to surgery, my Surgeon has performed 30 of these surgeries with no fatalities or major side effects so i have faith in him but i am becoming incresingly more worried even with the reassurance from my entire neuro team that they would happily go under his knife if needed, So yeah that's about it. Thanks for the support and i will be back with an update again

We all have had to make a difficult decision regarding treatment options at one time or another. My best wishes and please keep us updated!

Ninja Kitty, we have many who have done very well after surgery, sometimes even coming back on to post within days of surgery. Sending you positive energy that all will go well. Get out your bucket list and do all the fun and fulfilling things you can before the surgery. There's no time like the present. :)