Surgery complete

On 1/31 my daughter had an angiogram & a special MRI. Before the MRI, seven "metal balls" were glued onto her head to help locate things during the surgery.

Surgery went well on Friday 2/1. She got as much sleep as she could with the vitals-on-the-hour drill. CT scan on Saturday revealed that they had missed a small outlying piece (vein, I think) of the AVM, but 99% was removed successfully. Woozy from anesthesia & the surgery itself, but with things looking good was moved to step-down unit early afternoon Saturday. She looked pretty darn good Saturday night. Sunday she got some rest, no procedures. Had a few visitors & we watched the Super Bowl in the lounge on the floor. Monday there was an angiogram 1st thing. It confirmed that there were no apparent problems from the surgery. She slept from 10am to 3pm Monday and was looking real good Monday late. A few friends over and they started trying to de-tangle hair, braid it, etc. About 10pm had a seizure. Not sure yet how it was classified, but they say it was due to the surgery. They performed a CT scan and have prescribed an EEG too.