Surgery at last

After 1. 5 months of waiting I am finally having surgery. My embolization is Monday & the surgery is Tuesday. It has been a long agonizing wait. I got the call late this evening before I left work. I have to go to do pre op tomorrow. I hope to be able to give you updates, if not I will have my husband/mom do it. I am nervous & scared but I have someone I know who will be watching over me. I just want to thank all of you for your comments over the past few weeks. This site really helped me. Take care all of you. Don’t forget me in your prayers.

Good luck, Phyllis! I am praying that your surgery and recovery go well.

Hey Phyllis! Wonderful news that you only have a few days left before this is all taken care of. We will definitely be thinking of you over the next week and hoping for wonderful news of successful treatments.
I guess this means only a few more days of Margaritas? You better whip up a good batch tomorrow night and enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hi, Phyllis- congrats on your decision. We will all be thinking of you. Please have your friends give us updates when they can.

Good for you Phyllis! Margaritas will definitely help with the being scared part, at least for a while. I’ll definitely be thinking about you next week. Very best wishes and can’t wait to hear that you’re AVM free!