Support Groups

Sometimes it helps to see other survivors face to face. I promised I would cross-post this here…If you live in Sacramento or the Central Valley, we would love to have you. The Greater Sacramento Aneurysm Avm Support Group will be meeting on Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 3-5 pm Brain Aneurysm/AVM Support Group sponsored by The Joe Niekro FoundationC Davis - Ellison Ambulatory Care Building 4860 Y Street Room #3015 Sacramento, CA 95817 916-■■■■■■■■

If you have a AVM or Stroke survivor support group and wish to post on here…feel free to post on this blog!

I live about 5 hours away from this; how many will attend? Maria

Hi Maria. You might want to call the phone # 916-■■■■■■■■. 5 hours is quite a distance. Maybe we can find something closer to you. We post events…luncheons etc. all the time on here. I am not directly involved with this group.

Barb, Wow what a small world....Joe Niekro was actually fraternity brothers with my father in college, and I got to meet several times as a child growing up! He knew about his passing, but we had moved to Texas and they had lost touch over the years. Good for you with "paying it forward"! -GK