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Hey everyone! I was unsure where to post but i have a question and topic of discussion i would love to hear your experiences with-

Has anyone gained something new from their AVM ordeal??

I say superpowers taking it from the comics origin, BUT there are medical cases out there where someone gets a severe head injury from a fall or whatever and is suddenly a savant musician or artist or whatever. so much here is focused on what we have lost, looking at this new year approaching i wanted to start it off on a positive note. And i wanna learn from you guys too. so heres mine…

Now what i have experienced is nothing cool or whatever but it is interesting to me. I have noticed that i am as good as or better than weathermen at predicting changes in the weather (at least around me locally). I can literally FEEL when a new storm system or whatever is moving in. whats more is that my head doesnt hurt when the storm hits but hurts anywhere from 24-48 hours before. as soon as the storm arrives and starts raining or even super windy- but as soon as it hits i get this “wash over” effect of relief. so my superpower is i know when weather is bad.

That is my superpower. What else is out there??? let us all know. Happy New Year and best wishes to all


I’ve heard a few AVM folk say that changes in the weather bring headaches, so I think barometric pressure definitely affects some brain AVMers.

I think it’s great that you see it positively!!

The brain is a wondrous thing. I’d like to agree with you that for some people, a loss might be balanced out with a bit of a superpower. I’m sure it happens occasionally.

(and I tidied up your editing :slightly_smiling_face:)

Very best wishes for the new year!


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Love it!

I did radiation therapy and tbh my memory loss is a blessing and a curse… Cause now I live in the now 100%!

And my hair that I lost grew out even thicker and curlier than before, which is a nice thing!

Take care :slight_smile:

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What you described as superpowers sound more like heightened awareness and deeper intuition. Most people who are recovering after a brain injury have this kind of increased awareness as their brain, particularly the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) has to work harder to compensate for the abilities of certain parts of the brain and spinal cord that is now missing after the injury. A good example of a so-called superpower would be better memory after an injury especially when there is right hemisphere damage, this is because all of our memories are stored in the hippocampus in the left while the emotions are stored in the right. This may be a positive thing for someone who has memory problems because of their AVM metastasizing in the right hemisphere causing depression and making it hard to recall memory correctly. It’s only when the AVM is removed that the two hemispheres can stabilize and the left hemisphere can fully recover its memory recall without any negative intervention from the right hemisphere as when there was still an AVM there. In most cases, when one hemisphere is damaged, the one that is intact will take over the power that is used by the damage side since it has to compensatee misin abilities of the amaged hemisphere. hope this helps.

Super powers? No, but my next operation after my AVM removal I
had a remarkable almost pain free recovery, unlike my AVM operation!

It was for a hernia, I think. Years ago now. When the operation was over
they kept me at the medical facility for a few hours. I told Dr. that I had little
or no pain from it, and he told me it was the anesthesia used during the operation, and
it would end soon. But it did not. They gave me a strong pain killer for after the operation, especially so I could sleep. But I did not need it, and I still have it. I did take an over the counter common pain killer before sleeping the first two nights. That was it.
Was the pain from the AVM operation so bad that compared to that the hernia operation was next to nothing? Don’t know.