Supermodel Shalon's Surgery Update

As many of you know, Ms. Shalon is currently in Denver having her biggest treatment to date. She is currently resting from her long day in the O.R. so I am hijacking her blog to give you all an update.

The treatment went better than expected. They were anticipating a 10-12 hour day but were done with her around the 8 hour mark. They thought they were going to have to use 6-8 units of blood but only wound up using 1.

Within the first couple hours of surgery all of the coils had been removed and a good portion of the AVM was also removed. They left some AVM untouched in her lip area for Dr. Y to treat at a future date. No skin graphs were needed during the facial reconstruction portion and as far as they can tell no nerves were damaged.

It sounds like everything went GREAT! Here is to hoping that she has a speedy recovery!

As soon as she is feeling up to it she will update her blog and share her experience with all of you.

This is wonderful news, she sure is an inspiration to everyone on this site! We will be praying for a speedy recovery!

Great news, thank you for the update! Shalon is one amazing woman!

That is wonderful news, I am so happy for her and I look forward to hearing further updates. Love & prayers for Shalon, she really IS an amazing woman! Lesley.

Glad to hear everything went well! And I hope there is a good speedy recovery!

What great news!! Wishing you the best Shalon :slight_smile:

Great, great news! God bless you Shalon!

great news, thanks for sharing

Prayers and good vibes being sent out to you, Shalon!!

You are in my thoughts and I am sending all the good vibes I can! Your good spirits mean a lot to us all; please keep smiling on the inside always!

I LOVE TO HEAR GOOD STORIES!!! Keep positive. Thinking about you.

Glad to know everything went better than expected. You are in my thoughts.

A couple of days post surgery now & my thoughts are still with you. Hope all is still progressing well. So happy to hear that all went better than expected. Hugs & best wishes to you as always from here in Australia. Take care & look after you. Cheers. Michelle :slight_smile:

excellent news! best wishes on a speedy recovery!! nice of you to post the update. you’re all in my thoughts & prayers.


AWESOME!! Thank you for the update!!

Hey guys! Thank you all for such great notes over the past few days. It absolutely made me smile each time I had a new note to read. And things are going well in general. Hoping to make my escape from the hospital today although everyone has been super nice and my stay has been a good one. I did post a new blog with some updated pictures last night (or maybe this morning?)
Just wanted to express how grateful I am for this site and for all of you who have given such amazing support and encouragement. It’s awesome.

Sorry I am a little late but I am so happy for you Shalon. No it is more than happy I can’t explain how over joyed I am and the warm feeling I have inside that everything went so well. I saw your pics you posted and you look great! All my thoughts and prayers are with you!
You are a wonderful, loving and such an inspiring person.
Lee Ann

good luck, fingers crossed i hope this works for you.

Glad to hear that you are feeling ok, you are such a brave lady. Hope that you are resting up, thinking of you :slight_smile: