Supermodel Check up!

So I’m back in Denver to follow up on the big surgery I had in Sept and to get an idea of how much is left to do. Very exciting and I can’t wait to know what Dr. Yakes sees as the new plan anf how much longer this fight will last!

I met with Dr. Hepworth yesterday to show off my gorgeous new face, to check in on Fifi (the new little wound) and to make sure everything is healing from the infection. He was very pleased with how it all is looking and healing.

Dr Hepworth poses with his favorite patient!

Look at me! I'm like an entirely new person :)

Fifi got packed with a bit of yellow "shoelaces" stuff to help heal.

So I'm at Swedish now, and completed the MRI earlier. I hate MRI's. Its totally ridiculous and irrational that I'm brave and ok with embo's and surgery and I'm a big baby with an MRI. Had to take valium this morning in prep for it! ha! But it went fine of course, and now I'm waiting for my turn to go back and have an embolization. I'm excited to see Yakes and show off my new face. It's been awesome so far today with all of the nurses and staff being so amazed at the changes and so excited for this step to be over and to have went well.

Will update more later!


Oh, Shalon…you look great! You always have such a wonderful smile! I can’t wait to hear what Dr. Yakes says tomorrow!


I just saw your new photos. What a change! And your beaming smile warms my heart.

You look beautiful!

Congrats Shalon. You look just awesome!

Way to go and its funny I’m fine with the mri part but hate the angios ugh can’t wait till we both are past those 2 things!!! Congrats to you and everyone loves my blanket and has kept me in great spirits :slight_smile: keep me posted P.S. you look great <3

Looking really good Shalon - excellent!

Aww thanks guys! I don’t really have much of an update at the moment. This trip turned into my 2nd (out of thirty two) difficult procedures and I had to stay at the hospital over night. Randomly lots of pain and constantly unable to keep any fluid or liquids dow. But I was discharged last night.
Josh did tell me that during the post op call Dr Y was extremely happy and that he was "doing back flips while talking to Josh!!! So I’m taking that as a good sign. I’ll get more details later when I’m not so out of it!

you’re definite a supermodel! it’s amazing, i’m speechless & really happy for you.
I’m sorry to hear you had a difficult procedure, but at least it’s out of the way, and the next one (if you have one) will surely be easy in comparison to this.
i hope Fifi behave herself and depart soon.

Wow looking good Sharlon thats a big improvement since your last procedure. They are doing a great job for you. :slight_smile:

Wow indeed…what a change Shalon, you look even more fantastic…I am so happy for you. You are such a strong and courageous lady. ‘Keep on, Keeping on’.!! Also, thanks so much for your message, you helped a lot. xx

You look great Shalon!
Now I’m waiting for your next video. :slight_smile:
Happy Holidays,

That is amazing! Your face looks so good!

Shalon, I haven't been on teh site for awhile but did read about your surgery and saw your pictures. First, your look beautiful but I thought you did already but I am thrilled for you. It is truly amazinng how similar my incisions were 40 years ago are to the ones they made on you to remove the coils, remnants of AVM, etc., they are almost identical. It brought many memories flooding back of when I had my surgeries. I am so happy for you and hope that the way forward doesn't involve too many more embolizations. I cannot believe the number you have been through, you are a real Trooper aand a role model for us all! Well, better run, take care and know you, your family and the Doctors are always in our prayers!



Dear Shalon, As Nicoles Father ( My daughter is 6 and has a High flow facial AVM in her soft tissue and to some extent behind the eye) Thankfully there is no brain involvement. We are currently waiting for a cerebral angiogram on the 8th Feb so the docs can hopefully give us a plan of action . Your story and bravery are an inspiration to me and these recent photos Wow ! You are even more beautiful than you were before !

I know its early days for Nicole but i like you strongly feel that treating AVMs early is the answer and just hope that the Docs in UK feel the same way and just dont tell me " Lets just see how it progresses " . Im very interested in finding out more info about Dr Yakes at The Swedish Medical Centre, Do you think he would treat children at the age of 6/7 ? Or this maybe just too young.

Keep on going you are nearly there .

Lots of Love


WOW you look AMAZING;) Congrats on all your success!!!

Hey guys! Thanks for the new comments.

Steve- you are still one of the strongest guys I know having dealt with your surgeries, regrowth, the "awake" embos, etc. So any similarities you see between us (or our scars) I proudly accept as proof that we are both tough cookies :) I go back this week for the next embo and am still hoping to someday soon ge the big "Done" written on my chart!

George- I'll post on your board also, but I'm so glad that you find my story brave and inspirational. I hope it does help with your daughter. And YES, get her going. Dr. Yakes treats everyone. 6/7 is not too young at all. I've met many kids there during my trips. Younger than Nicole. Dr. Yakes also sometimes goes oversees to train/treat. One of our members here has a facial AVM and Dr. Yakes treated her in the UK. I can't think of who off the top of my head, but I'll remember and send you info to contact her.

Eileen- THANK you very much :)

Thanks Shalon, It would be great to know if Dr Yakes comes to the UK and who he treated .