I've been thinking about ideas for a campaign, and this whole brainstorming idea actually never rested, but one night I asked myself this question, "What would represent AVM survivors, or survivors of any rare disease, the same way beloved childhood characters represented child abuse awareness, and bra colors represented breast cancer in the past?"

Then it clicked. By surviving a potentially deadly disease (such as AVM,) we are SUPERHEROES. We fight the good fight and try to overcome our obstacles, whether or not the AVM's been obliterated. Now we want to SAVE the world from this disease, and especially in my case, to prevent others from having strokes due to AVM. I didn't even know I had a malformation, until the stroke occurred two years ago. There are probably billions of people out there walking around, not knowing that something tragic's about to come their way because of an AVM. It happened to me.

So, if anything I suggest having a superhero theme for a campaign, on Facebook or wherever would be most effective...because in my opinion, that's what you all are-especially the ones who obliterated their AVMs. Meanwhile, my battles continue.

Yeah, examples: when someone I know gets presistent headache and yet refuse to do more test, I tend to think of the worst case scenrio. Just keep nagging at them to do more checks.