Super klutz!

That should be my name! On Saturday evening, I went to see my daughter perform in a play at her college. I had to walk up a long pathway/road to the theatre. I was getting a little winded. About 3.4 of the way up the hill, I was passing a smoker. At the same time I took in a deep breath because I was having a hard time making up the hill. I started choking and coughing on the smoke. The next thing I know, I am falling forward and I’m banging my head on the road! I don’t know if I fell because of pure klutziness or if it was a lack of oxygen getting to my brain. All I knew at the time was that I was in pain and horribly embarassed to be lay on the ground with all these people surrounding me! My son was screaming for his father…I think he thought my AVM had just burst! Poor kid!

My husband got me into a seat to check me out. My rt. knee bleeding a lot, but it was just a nasty scrape. The bottoms of both hands were pretty scraped up…I must have tried to break my fall. I also had a lump on the right side of my forehead. That made my hubby and son nervous and they wanted to take me to an emergency room. I think that I was kind of in shock and insisted that I wasn’t that bad and wanted to see my daughter’s play! lol

By Sunday, however, I was feeling lousy. I had to hold my left together to stop the throbbing pain. By that night, that whole hand was off-color. The knee felt a little better, but was still
oozing a bit. My rt. hand was better, but the lump on my head wa bigger an discovered, so I decided to go to see my doctor the next day.

My doc was pretty sure my blue hand was fractured, but luckily, the x-ray was negative. He put a splint on it and it feels better this way. He said that Imahave had a slight concusion, but I seem to be on the mend now.

connie,you ok,oh my goodness…thank god nothing is broke and your family was there…hope today you feel much better,hugssss.

Good grief Connie! I am glad you decided to go to the doctor, just in case, also good that it didn’t appear to be too terribly serious, just enough to scare you and your family. Hope you aren’t in too much pain w/ that hand or the bump on your head. Feel better soon!

Oh Connie poor you and your son. I’m glad you weren’t hurt to bad. So, did you enjoy the play? What was the name of the play and what role did your daughter play?

Connie!!! Was this all just a plan to upstage your daughter?!?! :slight_smile:
wow…what a scary episode for you and the family. Poor kid is right! I bet he did think your AVM bled. I know that our families are often more freaked out and worried about them than we are. Sounds like you beat yourself up pretty badly though. Hope it all heals up quick!
And I’m gonna give you a peice of advice…I swear it works… have a chocolate milkshake!!! :slight_smile:

Janice - the play was RAGTIME and my daughter had about six different roles in the ensemble. There were problems with the microphones which made it hard to hear the actors sometimes…but not for my Christina! She knows how to get herself heard! lol

Shalon - my son is still mad at his dad for listening to me and not rushing me to a hospital! lol But guess what my sweet husband bought me after the show? A milkshake!

just happy to hear that you wernt seriously hurt…your poor son must have got such a fright…

Wow I’m glad you were not hurt to bad.

Thank you all for your concern. I’ve had some nasty headaches for the past two days, but it’s probably just because of the bad storm we had last night

Hope you are feeling better after your fall. Beth got a letter from Sheffield hospital on May 6th which was her 3rd birthday to say she may go on the waiting list for radiosurgery if she is a suitable candidate so I guess they will want us to go over soon so they can have a look at her so fingers crossed. Thank you for asking xo