Summer 22 London Meet Up?

Hi Corrine,
I’m new to the group so i know this comment was a vey long time ago therefore this is a long shot but i would love to meet some others who have had/have AVM’s. I’m based in London.
Would anyone be interested?

I’m always interested in a get together. I’m in Leicestershire but London is easy access.

Ah that would be amazing! Do you know of anyone else who would like to join?

So, for simplicity’s sake, I’ve moved this to a new thread, so people can read more easily. And I’ll reinvite those in the thread from last time, so @corrine @Jaycee @carolb01 @Lynster @Valerieh including one or two from further afield @Rich2 @memyselfandeye @Timb but there are a whole new bunch of people in London since we met up that time. As soon as we have a quorum, we can organise something.

If anyone from Leicestershire or en route wants to go but couldn’t reasonably get there by train or needs support, let me know.

As long as I am available, I would travel down too.

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So… Is three enough or do we need to drum up rather more interest? I’m perfectly fine with three, so I’m asking others.

Yes I’m all in, I’ll make a post on Facebook to see who else is interested.

What dates can you definently not do? @jessicalr @Nathalie

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I’ll let you know my dates offline via DM.