Suggestions for an AVM specialist in London

We will be traveling to London soon with my thirteen year old daughter who has a disappearing AVM (thanks to Proton beam and embolization). This is our first trip to London since her bleed and the discovery of her AVM. I would like the name of a recommended Dr or Drs who specialize in AVMs or are recommended just to have on hand.

Thank you!

I know of Mr Neil kitchen, University College University Hospital,


Miss Mary Murphy, University College London Hospital,

They are both specialists in this :)

I recommend the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery in London.

Thank you both!!

For my spinal AVM's I saw Dr Nick Plowman, consultant oncologist at The Cyberknife Centre, Harley Street, London, where I had cyberknife stereotatic radiotherapy for 2 AVM's.

For the remaining AVM embolised, I was at the Royal London Hospital where I saw a team of consultant neuroadiologists, Dr Ken Wong, Dr Levan Makalanda, Dr John Wadley (cons. neurosergeon).

All had done work with brain AVM's although mine were/are all spinal...hope this helps...

Do these surgeons specialise in foot avms.? i m trying to find an expert foot avm surgeon. We live in Oz but we come from the UK. Thanks