Sugar coated RECOVERY

My Recovery....I haven't needed anything in my recovery the past 5 months. Here's the journey. Ill tell the easy breezy version as we know the hardship and struggles, the stress and the tears that come on this road of AVM. The best way to get somewhere is to just start going. I woke up 7 days after my 14 hour cranionomy and told my sister " Ok. It's time to go.". I got out of bed and walked the floor of the ICU at University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. It is the best. I ate whatever my sister told me to. I had my coworkers show up to visit that nite. We talked and laughed.Just so you know this was an out of the blue find. I haven't been to the doctors since Ive had my child 5 years ago. It was only a day later after showing the nurses that I was a fighter and im good to go I was sent to general recovery where i only stayed another day. My recovery went perfect. After my 6 week check and my doctor took me by the hand to say he was in awe of my recovery and how strong i am. I went to the ICU to applogise for being a fireball to them. I have not seen a doctor since. Ive had acute pain, if any pain at all and no problems. Its a miracle And now its my time to take the test. At 6 months I have an angiogram. ITs then that my doctor tells me im AVM FREE. Then I can go on with my life and marry my man.

I'm in awe of your recovery too! Good for you! Now go out and marry that man!

So good to hear a success story as many seem to tell of a really long struggle. Your words have really given me hope! Enjoy your life to the maximum and thanks for sharing your experience.

Super Hurrah!