Successful Embolizations

When I started this journey I had an AVM in the temporal and occipital lobe. Initially at grade 4 with two unruptured cerebral aneuryms, one intracranial and one venous. My surgeon estimated 4 - 5 embolizations to solve the problem. The first three embolizations successfully closed up 75%, with 25% remaining portion of the AVM nidus. I was grateful to GOD that these procedures were successful but I was not looking forward to the Stage 4. I prayed to GOD to please let stage 4 be my last stage. My friends and family sent their prayers to let me know I was not alone. I went to the last procedure with all these thoughtful prayers. To the surprise of my doctor the remaining 25% was now 100% angiographically obliterated. No further draining veins, AVM nidus, and feeding arteries that were previously identified were present. I was released that day. My surgeon who is the greatest was very happy with the outcome. When I asked how this could happen, the only thing he could say was I was a very lucky lady. Now I have to follow up with angio at 6 mos, 1 yr, and 2 yr. All I can say is GOD is great and prayers are answered. I hope this gives someone out there hope and that GOD is real. I will pray for all of you that is suffering with this dark cloud hanging over you. I know my journey is not over, but it has rejuvenated my faith. Good luck to you and your families.


Great news i was also hoping for this my last angio n wS told i had about .5cm left of the little monster hopefully i can close the chapter on this avm story soon… I will never give up :slight_smile: Go celebrate!!!

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Congratulations Cowgirl! I hope to get news as good as yours one day soon! Going in for my 3rd or is it my 4th, angiogram in 2 weeks. My AVM journey is now in its 4th year. P&P (Prayer & Patience) has sustained me this far and I will keep on praying. You are blessed to finally receive the good news that we all want to hear. May God continue to bless you and us, as well.

Sharon D…

Miracle from God I see here, cowgirl!

What better news

God is great

I had my 6 mo angio Feb 1 and great news, the AVM is still gone. I thank GOD everyday for giving the strength to endure this affliction. I pray for everyone that is suffering with the issue. I still have weird sensations and some pain but the stress of rupture at least is gone. I still have a road to travel but I just wanted folks to know there is hope. Be positive and stay strong.

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Great news really happy to hear that news! Take Care, John.

That is great news! I, too, still feel weird but the docs insist there is nothing to see (and if they can’t see it, they sure as anything can’t do anything about it). So resume life as normal!

Paraphrasing the BBC continuity announcer as television broadcasting resumed after world war 2, “[now… what was I doing] before I was so rudely interrupted…?” :grin::wine_glass::cake::cocktail::saxophone: