I had stroke due to avm ruptured I was in icu for 3days and almost 2months in hospital at first I couldn't talk,my right totally paralysis and after several months with help of my pt I was walking but my right arm not able to use it anymore speech is very disappointed because I lost my job.This coming 22 May I have my radiation.Do you think I can go back to normal life.

Blessed...your name says it all...YES YOU WILL GO BACK TO NORMAL EVERYDAY LIFE BUT...your faith and positive approach will help you get there much quicker...keep us posted & God bless!

Many things are possible, blessed. Time and persistence can accomplish a lot. It's great news about your speech, and I hope that improvement continues. Keep trying with the arm and don't give up.

There’s always hope so never stop believing in it. I had a stroke due to my AVM as well and was left paralyzed on my entire left side. Keep working hard towards your recovery and you’ll see amazing progress over time. My stroke occurred two years ago and I still can’t use my arm but I’m seeing progress :slight_smile: hang in there!

Thanks for your encouragement. one thing I ask if you feel any pain in your left arm. Are working or studying"

I do get some aches and pains every now and then. I stopped working and do plan on studying soon!

Hi Blessed! Sorry for the late response, I've been pretty sick these last two weeks and had to give the computer a break. I am so sorry about the stroke and I'd like to say congratulations as it appears as if you are making great strides already. I realize with an illness such as this it is really hard to take the time and celebrate even the smallest triumphs, but the fact that you are here, on a computer, writing, and interacting speaks volumes to what your recovery has been. Keep up the good work! :-) I have also realized that we as survivors need to modify how we view "normal". "Normal" for us survivors may not be normal to another person who has not experienced what we have. I encourage you to celebrate every single accomplishment as you continue to heal and to create "normal" for yourself. I am not sure that my life is "normal" by the standards of another, but I have been able to create my type of normal, and that normal keeps me happy. I am proud of you, you should be very proud of you too! I encourage you to continue to be positive as you move into different phases of your journey!

Good Luck! Keep us posted!

Hi Blessed! It sounds like you have already made great improvements on your walking and speech! PT is never easy and can be frustrating- be proud of what you have accomplished so far. I have learned that I can’t compare what I can do now to what I could do before my bleed. I am simply not the same person anymore. And it is totally ok and normal to mourn the loss of who you once were, and the loss of those abilities and hobbies. I still work every day to be a bit stronger and to get closer to my “normal” life. Keep working and have hope that things will get better!

Hi Blessed

I had an AVM rupture and bleed almost 7 years ago. I was in ICU and a rehab hospital for three months and a nursing home for 9 months, not able to talk, I had a Trach, my right side didn’t work, I couldn’t walk, I had spasticity all through my body. in short I stay by myself now and do everything myself, I also cook,clean and can do everything with almost no help. Just stick with it and you will be able to do it all, don’t give up ! Btw I also lost my job.

Good luck !

Hello Blessed
Thanks for sharing your story. I am sorry you lost your job and I hope you are on SSDI
You can regain your life back and even if you cant do a few things that you used to do you can still have a full life
Another person Patti recently shared this
From the link I signed up to receive their magazine and today I just got a ton of info in the mail from it
They are learning that its ongoing to repair the damage from strokes and you need to continue to do PT and do it at home
Dont give up -
You can walk and talk which is so good! I was in the same boat but it was my left side and thankfully I am right handed
Keep us updated on your progress

I had a stroke due to my avm rupture. You have to just keep pushing yourself everyday no matter how hard it is no matter how bad you will want to give up at times!!!.. It’s going to take awhile to get back to being able to things how you once did but you can do it Give it time and work hard I work part time and I’m also getting ssi I stay busy and still being able to manager taking care of my bills I wish you the best of luck and how you have a speedy recovery…