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Stroke caused by poor operation of angiogram

A few days ago I talked about acquiring an ischemic stroke after my angiogram but after having reviewed my MRI images with my neurologist, she is convinced that it wasn’t a stroke that i got but rather an air Bubble from poor operation of the angiogram by my radiologist which impacted my cerebellum and thus affecting my balance and coordination. If it is proven to be that and not an infarct. Should I sue my radiologist for malpractice?

How would this be proven? Also, these are some of the risks of the procedure. You would also have to prove that it left you with some sort of permanent disability. I think you’re likely to improve if imaging doesn’t show an infarct or stroke. Does your imaging indicate that you didn’t have a stroke?

I’m sorry this happened. Taco is correct. Its a known risk and one you likely were informed of. It takes a lot to prove that a complication moves into the realm of malpractice. Its certainly not something that can be ferreted out in a discussion forum. I would go so far as to say at this point until more is known and the ramifications known dwelling on it will have a deleterious effect on the most important thing which is your recovery and continued treatment. There will be plenty of time further up the creek to deal with that. For now getting better is the big priority.


Yes, definitely focus on your recovery. Given the circumstances, I believe you have an excellent chance for recovery.

I had a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis develop after poor post operative care after one of my embolizations. It probably could have been prevented, and I had talked to attorney. But, it’s hard to prove, and it resolved without causing me any long term damage. It took about a year for the clot to resolve though.


@Sam2307 I am so sorry that happened to you- I know it is very hard to sue for malpractice but you could always speak to an attorney. I do know that it is always a risk with an angiogram of stroke I wasnt sure the reason as I had one but thankfully was minor and recovered. My student dr did not go get my stroke dr as I as I was asking and my husband- the next day when my stroke dr who is the head of stroke at Stanford came to visit me I informed him what happened I could tell him was very pissed . When I told the story to another one of neuros and told her that that Neuro was no longer at Stanford she said there was probably a mark in his file I forgot what she called it. But she said he would have a tough time working a top hospital. He did say he was sorry to me and I told him he would no longer be on my team.