Story to share

To put the story in perspective, my AVM ruptured 23 months ago and I am now working at getting my EMT certification. Well in order to pass my class, I have to work some 30 hours in the ER. I went in and did the usual stuff, babies with fevers… kids with poision ivy, an incredibly drunk guy in restraints who asked to… well you can take a guess or two. Eventually though we had to move a patient with muscular dystrophy to ICU, he had a trach in, so I had to bag him as we walked to the elevator. The interesting thing, is that it is the same hospital, the same elevator ride that I went on two years ago. Only this time I feel a bit more freaked out. I had been back to the hospital since, but as I walked past my old room counting breaths I felt like I turned a page. The gentleman was awake through the ordeal, we were able to talk to him and keep him calm. When I looked at him closely I noticed he had a pin, shaped like an angel, it was the very pin I had been given 23 months ago by a visitor. When I saw that I realized it was a god wink. This man’s illness won’t allow for him to live a regular life, but I can. I get to move past and move on, I won’t let my AVMs be the author of my story. Just thought you guys would appreciate that story more than anyone else.

I think that is a beautiful story and I think you are right. Moments like that definitely happen for a reason. It happens to me all the time usually when I am feeling incredibly sorry for myself and it is a wakeup call to all that is good in my life.
What an inspiring message. I think you will be a wonderful EMT. Good luck and thanks for sharing that.

Thanks for sharing, Chelsea. God has been winking at us since we were born, but only now do we finally notice it.

I love the idea of a God wink- never heard that before. Thanks!

Great story! I love it! And the positive outlook you have despite the AVM you have faced…it is what makes a great AVM story and keeps people inspired.

Hello Chelsea, thank you for sharing your most excellent story. You are simply fabulous and sharing you with the world in your endeavor of service is perhaps your wink to Him? You and God, quite a team. Be good to you. Take care of you. You are in my prayers.

Welcome to the club. Just watch your hemocrit levels. You need an agressive doctor to keep an eye on you blood cell count. I was also told about the cauterizing method and the GI specialist told me that it doesn’t really fix the problem and he saw that more problems happen because of that. He also mentioned that he had seen more of this type AVM (in the intestine) here in Utah than anywhere else. No explanation as to why. The anemia is the real killer, so watch that real close, please. Your symptoms was very similar to my own but mine was stretched over years. The extreme tiredness is bad, and being no longer strong or vital drives me crazy. Glad you are getting your dream of being an EMT. I too have that tiny pin of an angel, from the Plain Truth Ministry, I believe. I don’t go to any church but I declare myself a Christian but with pagan leanings (I love to see people’s expressions after that). This AVM has taught me a lot about patience and tolerance. My sister has so little patience and gets easily frustrated that I can’t keep up with her. She just fails to understand and she is the smarter one (as our father keeps reminding me). Such go after your dreams, they help you keep going when going gets tough. I hope to retire and join Peace Corps for 2 yrs after but only if I can get this AVM under control or cured.