Still weak left leg

Hi, new here
My AVM “exploded” around 10 years ago which paralyzed my entire left side. Took me 2 months to regain strength in my upper body and the strength to walk but left me with a drop foot. I did the gamma knife and mri’s and eventually after 4 years, the AVM has gone away. After years of Physical Therapy and stretching of my foot, I’m still unable to “cure” my drop foot. I had a surgery last year in an attempt to cure my drop foot and the shaking it does when I put sudden pressure on it. That parts cured now but the shaking has moved to my toes which is still more tolerable than the shaking of my ankle/foot. Still I find myself having trouble moving my foot in a circle or controlling my toes that well. My goal since day one has been able to run again without a brace.
My question for y’all is have any of yall ever had this issue with your foot or any other body part? And did you eventually overcome it? I’m searching for answers/excercises I could do to help improve my foot.

Thanks for listening!

EDIT: I have also tried botox for my foot and the muscle stimulation using electricity and both hasn’t worked as I had planned.


Welcome! I also had gamma knife, soon to be 4 years ago after a bleed. I haven’t experienced the foot drop you describe. It always places us in an awkward situation when our Dr.s are stumped and run out of suggestions. There is a lot of experience here and hopefully someone can provide an example of what worked for them. Take Care, John.

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I understand the foot drop. My AVM rupture was way back in 2000. Was paralyzed on my right side for around a month luckily my right arm came back fine but right foot was a struggle. Even to this day have minor problems with it. When jogging long distance my right foot runs flat. Another problem with it is my balance. When standing on my right it isn’t so balanced as my left. Last parts a little funny but I can’t wiggle my right toes.

Same, my left came back fine as well and I have trouble moving my left toes too. My balance is also off. How do you manage to jog long distances with foot drop? With an AFO or brace?

Well I’ll run okay at first but after about a quarter mile right foot runs flat. I prefer riding a bike. I can do that all day. Have a bike trail not that far away.

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Same here.

Three years of physical therapy to improve leg strength and balance. Now able to walk without support. There is a catch 22. Therapy increased hypertonia and spasms. Stretching, massages, TENs being relief to that.

I still do have a gait problem and sometimes the legs can act up — impossible to walk normal. Running and jumping out of the question for me now.

Excercises which have helped (with assistance)

High knees
Weighted squats
Lunges (for relief from spasticity hamstrings and quadriceps relaxation )
Lying down stretches and bends of various types.

Just keep excercising and strength building. Since I had deep open surgery I have been advised not to tax the trunk muscles while excercising.

Best Wishes, Karthik


Good luck on your excercises, hopefully we both can build up to running


What company did you use for the electric stimulation?

I’m not sure which company, but I was using it during PT sessions at a PT clinic. If you’re doing physical therapy, you could ask your therapist about it.