Still waiting

It’s been 44 days since i had my cerebral angiogram. And i am still waiting for the results. And only i have to meet with the neuro doctor to know. But i am not meeting with him until the 26th of this month. So, should i be worried? And why would it take that long to know?..hmmmmm…

Simone, I always felt that if they didn’t need to see me immediately, it was good news. Let us know after you see your doc on the 26th…Keep the Faith!

I agree w/ Louisa that no news, is probably good news, but it does seem that someone could have called you with results. For your own peace of mind, maybe give them a call. :slight_smile:
Take care & hang in there,

Thanks ladies. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but at the same time it’s constantly bugging me. And i did call their office a couple weeks ago and they told me that it’s best to be told in person then over the phone. All i can say is “HOPE”.

So sorry Simone. The long wait & unknown w/ no communication from your docs is beyond frustrating.
I will be HOPING for good news for you! :slight_smile:
Hang in there,

There has been alot of waiting and wondering in regards to my husband’s situation. I agree with the one who said usually no news is usually good news. I’m the one who gets all upet about my husband’s condition, and he just says “Honey-I’ve had it all my life”. :slight_smile:

Simone something similar happened to my too. (I was supposed to get my radiation day on one month and they took 3 months to call me back so I was thinking the worst you know probably they had forgot about me or my case is hard to figUer out. I was calling and calling they keep saying dr his working on it and finally I made and appointment and there were waiting for a new machine doctor said that they have and old machine and with the new one it will be better results!!! Don’t worried about it, like they said no news is usually good news. But if you are thinking a lot call them or make and appointment sooner . Wish you the best on your results my friend good luck and god bless.