Still Waiting

Thank you so much for the support, Nothing has changed with our medical situation, The doctor has still not returned our calls and messages, Today is 14 days since we were denied and since we have attempted to communicate with the doctor, I am really losing hope with him, But everyone tells me he’s a doctor and very busy , perhaps he’s trying hard for you and you just don’t know about it, still very confused as to what going to happen, Lacey continues to seek other oportunities and it’s more and more forms and paper work hopefully something will finally beack for us, Lacey has keep us all busy with www.quiltforhealthcare we have our 1st event on the 24th of April and that s all coming into place, if you have not viewed the web site please do so, We also have friends that have now begun to organize fund raisers for her future medical expenses, Our friends and family are really coming through for us with their support and now we are beginning to see some action as well. Thank you again we are so grateful for your prayers and support.

Mario Ontiveros

i know how you feel about not getting any contact from the dr. But that is why there are nurses and other staff to hlep him/her. Why don;t they understand what we go through waiting to her from them. Jerks is all they are. I hope you hear from the dr soon call everyday if you have to to get the answers you need and deserve!!! Someone can at least call you and say “hey he/she is looking into somethings and we will reach you with an answer as soon as poissble” Anything is better than feeling rejected! Thinking of you and your family best of luck :slight_smile:

I went through almost the same thing as you getting rejected and trying your best to not give up; you gotta be strong! I don’t know why doctors are like that; the just tell you one thing and put you on a waiting list that seems like years, you just need to keep trying be stubborn and demand what you need; like my mom. We’re still fighting with these people and we want you to do the same.
Much Luck

Hello Katrina

Thank you, we will not give up, but your right it seems like forever, two weeks is a long time when it’s hope your waiting for, have a great day, thanks again

Mario Ontiveros