Still waiting

As you will all know I am waiting for an angiogram to confirm my AVM. Since my last post I sent letters to the Neurosurgeon, the Government Health Minister and the hospital Radiology Directorate.
I received replies from all saying the same excuse, the hospital has a lack of beds, like i didn’t know!
Then I had a personal letter of apology from the Chief Excecutive of the hospital saying my Angio was now scheduled for early May which is an improvement from what I was told before but this depended on unforseeable emergency admissions, the same old story, so I haven’t really got anywhere as the date is yet to be confirmed? It is obvious to me and everybody I know that the solution is to have more beds available for angiograms even if they are empty sometimes but of course it all comes down to cost in the end. I am still angry that a drunk driver or a drug addict who is addmited through something of their own doing should have my bed!
He did give me a number for the Radiology Manager who I will phone next week.
My GP said he will contact Sheffield, where I will have to go for Gamma Knife, to see if I can have the Angiogram there although it is a 400 mile trip, I don’t mind that if I can get it done, I asked about Bristol, 30 miles away, but the Health Authority will not fund that, it is all political apparantly?
I do have an appointment with my MP next week, he may be able to do something but I doubt it.
Have been having worse headaches lately, think it’s where my “new” AVM is but unlike the headaches I have from my original AVM which can last hours or days, these are a sharp pain not an ache and only last a few seconds, then I have an ache similar to having the halo tightened when I had the Gamma Knife for a while.
Going back to my Angiogram,when I had my first bleed my GP tried to have me addmitted for tests, MRI etc and after trying for hours he told us to go to Casualty (ER) with head pains and they would have to admit me, would hate to have to do that again but if nothing happens it could be an option?
That’s all my moaning for now will talk soon

Hi Kev, What are they waiting for, you to have a emergency ?? If you have to go and act like you are going to pass out I would if it would help. If you don’t fake an extreme emergency, I’ll pray that you get seen in May. Kev, try not to stress, it won’t help. I’m praying for you.


gee, this is bloddy rediculous i yhought the australian health health system was at breaking point obviously there is worse…i am so sorry you are still waiting …kopefully not too much longer…you are in my prayers

Well I now have my next angio date May 6th, I won’t believe it till I phone to check on my bed.
I had appointment with my MP last week and he said I may get another date just to keep me quiet for a bit? So I am not very confident till I get into the bed!