Still going well and just turned three

Hello, Luke is doing well his mri results came back the same as the one before stable which is great and the best we can hope for at this point. Luke continues to grow and progress well. It is a bit hard to concentrate as i am typing this Jordan is getting cross with his brother and LUke is crying.
Luke is still going to his nursery school 2 days a week and his favourite actavity is to make cakes and he loves putting his hands in the mixtrue and eating it, of course he also loves it when they have been baked and he can eat the finished product.

I had one of the nicest moments with Luke last week, he had his support afo shoes on and he stood on his own for the first time, it took my breath away i was so proud of him. THis happend just days before his 3rd birhtday another major acheivement for my boy. He is trying very hard to say new words. Luke and his brother Jordan celebrate there birthdays together as they are one day apart. LUke had heaps of fun ripping the paper of his pressies, and before we even finished singing happy birthday he had plunged in and grabbed handfuls of the birthday cake. I will be posting new photos soon.

Lucky for me that things have been going well with Luke as i have been very busy and worried about his brother Jordan. Jordan had a seizure a few weeks ago and was hospitalized, they are running the usual test eeg and mri i have no idea what the outcome will be. Jordan is still having major anxiety issues and behavioural issues he is very draining to look after. He has big mood swings from real highs to bad lows and is aggressive towards everyone and destryos our propery, we are finding this very hard to cope with. Maybe the test results will shed some light on the matter as to why he behaves this way. Well i will be back soon to post the new pics and let you know how Jordan gets on with his test results.

Take care and I am thinking of you all even when i am not here


I am sure everything will go just perfect with Luke he looks to me very very strong guy

Happy Birthday, Luke and Jordan! And congratulations to Luke standing on his own!

hi mich, still waiting for those pictures girl.
say hi to the boys for me.

Congratulations!! I am sure Luke will bring you lots of wonderful surprises yet. xxx

such wonderful news about luke…so happy to hear he is progressing well…i am sure jordan will be fine…i used to be a teacher and i had a class full of boys with behaviour issues one year…neally…drove me insane…but i did read a great book that really made me understand boys and the different approaches need when raising boys it was called “Raising Boys” …i cant remember the author though…but it is a popular book i am sure if you asked in any book store they would know what you were talking about… well worth the read it was so good i read it twice…please let us know how jordans tests go best of luck…my thought and prayers are with you xxxx

Hello Michelle.

Whew! Michelle you have so much on your plate but you are doing a great job! You must be exhausted most of the time?! I did not realize that Luke could not walk on his own- wow I forget he is not able to do some of these things. You can’t tell stuff like that from pictures! It is wonderful news that his MRI came back normal and I’m glad he is so happy at his school.

I hope you get some answers about Jordan. I can’t imagine your worry with him having the seizure after all you have been thru with Luke. I guess in some ways it might give you those answers to his other issues. Let us know as soon as you hear from the doctors. Thinking of you and I hope you are also able to get a few ‘moments’ of peace sometimes for yourself.

Hi Michelle, Happy Birthday Luke. Jordon too?? Happy Birthday Jordan. Congratulation to Luke for standing for the first time!! Hurray!!