Still avm free!

You guys!! I recently had my 3 year follow up angiogram (which by the way it hurt like hell) and my avm is still dead :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: All my previous angios never hurt but omg this one I was sick all day afterwards. And got upgraded to have an angiogram every 2 years instead of every year YAY!! :+1:t3:


Awesome news Teiry! Thanks for letting us know, take care! John

Sounds like great news! How are you doing re your motor recovery? I’m always interested to hope that you’re still doing better month by month, though I expect it is hard work.

Very best wishes,


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Definitely better as time progresses. Thanks to cbd my hand opens at random sometimes and my foot fully goes down into my afo :ok_hand:t3: I still go to pt/ot and get my botox injections and in Dec 8 I have my appointment to set up hyperbaric sessions and hopefully that either regresses damage or speeds up my recovery. But so far I can only (finally) pinch down with my thumb and index like on a clothes pin but hey couldn’t do that before so it’s HUGE progress in my eyes :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s just great to know you’re still getting a bit better. Hope 8 Dec helps a lot. Let us know!

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Definitely will update if it helps :+1:t3:

I think it helps others who are in a similar situation to see how you’re progressing. I know @Cornishwaves is keen to have a friend to share recovery experience with.


No worries I totally will update :+1:t3:

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That’s so good!!
I Have one question, do you take medicines to control the blood pressure?
My doctor told me I can take them if my blood pressure is high, my blood pressure is always around 110/70 or something around that neighborhood, or 110/80, so I wanted to ask the community.
I had three embolizations, and I would like to know what other people are doing,

Nope no medication for blood pressure. My bp is always around 90-107/60-65
I do take medication for seizures though. A problem that developed thanks to my first rupture. I also have a vpshunt thanks to it. Yay hydrocephalus~

Lol, I wish I can achieve those BP numbers - would def give me a bit of a piece of mind

On BP meds, I hover right where I was before all of this started (about 135/75)

One day my friend!!
I’m sure we all take some sort of medication in connection to our avms so don’t beat yourself too much over it! :slight_smile:


Awesome news & as much as it sucks the pain & discomfort of an angiogram is always the last thing you worry about after getting such great news… God bless!

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Things look like they are going in a UP stage now, I hope, Teiry? i HOPE SO!

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Teiry. I am curious-every time I had an angiogram they knocked me out. No pain that I can remember. I was freaked out because I am allergic to iodine, but the surgeon said no problem. Did they give you a choice to be awake or knocked out-just curious.
Keep on getting better!!!

They have but they prefer me being more gone than there because I have a tendency of getting curious and wanting to look at the screen for live results instead of waiting and that’s obviously moving my head and so my radio interventionist gets mad at me haha!! This happens every angio (he has patience with me cause I’m so darn stubborn but last time he told me not to move with a tone Lol!!)


I was awake during my 2nd surgery, I think to take care of some drainage issues. They wanted me awake to be able to talk to me and make sure they were not making things worse? Anyway, I did ask them to cover the mirrors. I did not want to see what they were doing. LOL