Steriotactic radiation treatment

well all ,
just to let you know I had the treatment last week , and its all over thank god , I will be honest it wasent nice especially getting the injections ,numbing the head while they fitted the head brace , as those of you who got it done know what i mean .HURT LIKE HELL LOL .
My head really hurts now and it is still kind of numb in places but can only get better …back in 6 months to my own hos , then again in 1-2 yrs to see if its working .

Hey- welcome to the helmet club! Am glad you made it through the process. Did they give you any “relaxation” drugs?

Emma,I can agree 100% about the halo,there really should be a better way to get that thing on,mine was done this past January and I still remember how bad it hurt,I was balling as well as a few others…thank god its over,if ever I had to get that done again…the halo part,they will knock me out…lol hehe…mine hurt for a little more then a monthin the places of the halo,But thats the past now,Im just so happy you got it done and on your way to healing:) Best to ya Caroline

Hi Emma
Long time no talk. Oh, I agree also 100% with the halo HURTS, HURTS, HURTS! My thoughts are with you and I hope you are doing better.
Lee Ann

Hi Emma, good to hear from you and know you’re doing ok. All the best to you and your family. I’ve been wondering how you went on. My gamma is still looming over me. My terminal review date is 17 Dec. I think that means that’s the date they want me done by. I think I’ll take the general anaesthetic that’s on offer!!!

Okay your all freaking me out I have to have this in feb now wonder Im freakin it sounds so cruel!!