Steps in searching members per state in US for communities in

Here are the steps:

- Log in to the community site.
- Click “Members” page
- Click “Advance Search”
- In “Country” field select “United States”
- In “City, State” field type the abbreviation of the US state in lowercase, Ex: ny for New York, ak for Alaska.
- Click “Search”
The output displays search results based on your Country and City,State criteria.

NOTE: Note that in doing search, it's good to search only in lowercase( abbreviation of the state) because when you use uppercase and when you get to Oregon, if you search OR it will return a search result for all members residing in US including their state, and if you search in lowercase "or" it will return only a result members residing in that state only.

Use lowercase abbreviation for the US state. Ex. AL for Alabama, Ok for Oklahoma.

In searching members, not all communities requires you to log in to the site in order to search. You can directly search for members even without logging to the site.

Good info John, but I think there's one step missing.

If I search on "KS", I get one set of members. If I search on "Kansas", I get a different set.

Depending on how people first sign on will depend on which subset they show up in during a search. When I'm looking at who might live close to me, I search on one, then the other.

Is there a way to do an 'or' search to get both on the same search? I tried it and got no results.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS