Stem Cell for the Brain- Update

So yesterday I saw my stroke dr and I asked him for an update on the clinical trials they are doing on stroke victims and stem cells in the brain
He told me its a nation wide trial with 140 people in it - Stanford has 12 people in it.
Its double blind and only the surgeon knows who got it. They are in the stage now of seeing the results which sounds like it is going well

He also said they are doing a similar study on people who have had Traumatic Brain Injury and that study is going slower because the people have to be able to consent themselves and have only one side of paraysis

I think this is great news and can give us some hope down the line that for those us who suffered a bleed or stroke and have weakness or paralysis from it may be able to get some relief once this is FDA approved -

I did find this smaller clinical trial Stanford did in 2016


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