Stay at home parent, toughest job ever

Alright, brain surgery is pretty tough I must admit, but being a stay at home parent is among the toughest. I clean the house spotless in the morning and by noon my 3 year old and 12 year old manage to distroy all my hard work. So I clean again cook breakfast, lunch and dinner do three plus loads of luandry a day no matter how hard I work the day never seems to end. Now I worked in a mine for years talk about hard work right lol not even close to being a stay at home parent. Of course having brain surgery less then a year ago might have something to do with be exhausted, but I can’t remember a time in my life when I worked so hard. Yesterday I had enough and tried to take a much needed nap, just as I started to dose off my 3 year old came in and said, “daddy, what are you doing?” I replyed “taking a break.” her response “you don’t get a break,” lol it was too funny, but I never did get a break my wife came home from a long four hour day at her job and took a nap instead. Lol I wish I had me for a wife after long back to back 16 hour days when I was working in fact I remember going three to four days with less then two hours a sleep a night. Oh well summer is over soon pre-school will start and middle school for my oldest, maybe I will nap then.

Hi Deric,

Taking care of children and a home is definitely hard work. Hope you sneak in a break somehow.

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It’s great to see you take on this challenge. I was in the same situation. After my operation I started to look after my two boys (5,3) while my wife worked. It was tough work, however I found it very rewarding. I also had a purpose to life which kept me going. Now more than four years have gone past, and they have all gone to school now, and I would have to say my time were well spent looking after them.

Thats great James I feel the same way I know I’m closer to both my daughters now and I’m thankful for this oppertunity to spend quality time with them. Last night my daughters friend asked me why I’m not working and why I’m doing a wifes job it kinda made me feel bad

You can say that again! It is the toughest most rewarding thing I was every lucky enough to do. When my oldest son was born I went back to work before my 6 week recovery was even over. I didn’t have a choice being on my own, but when my youngest was born I stayed home the first year and even though it was exhausting and at time maddening I truly loved it. I think the hardest part was the not going to work. I have had a working since I was 15 and quite often I was working 2 jobs. I hope you get some rest and a well deserved nap. Have you ever thought of having your oldest watch after the little one? If you feel ok with that, but the big one doesn’t want to do it offer them a few bucks and see how their attitude changes.

Thanks to Jamie for the suggestion and to Deric for the encouragement. Deric, don’t feel bad, it takes courage and sacrifice to give piece of your life to your children, rather than all to work. You should fee proud and be supported.

LoL Jamie my oldest does watch her some times, but she has been having a non stop sleep over since she got out of school, my wife’s idea not mine I want the extra rug rats to head home lol. I’m just not used to all this I worked my ass of so my wife could stay home, now I’m damaged goods and have to stay home. Not really in my nature I have litterally had a job since I was 13 even though it was not legal for me to work, I knew a few people who owed me a favor.

Its the hardest job ever,I did it for many years, and if you had surgery ,its much harder!!,take it easy,dont over do it,your body still needs time to rest ,even a year later,hugs,