Starting to Walk Again

After my AVM bleed, I could not walk during my last few weeks at the hospital, but I used a wheel chair to get around in. I could get around in my room some at that time by clinging to the furniture, and walls for some support. When I was taken home, I was given another wheel chair to use, but it was too large to use it inside our small home, except in two of the larger rooms. So then I asked my wife to take me to a surgical supply store where I purchased a strong metal cane. I brought it home with me, and I was taught how to use it in the class I attended that taught me how to maximize my recovery.

I rapidly improved in many different ways, and within a couple weeks I was getting around in our house, without a cane. I used it only outside the home. One evening we were going out
to dinner at a cafeteria, and I believed that I could go without my cane. So I ditched the cane, and
went out, and I seemed to walk well, and had no major problems. Next day I was in class, and my instructor was irritated with me for not using my cane. So I was asked to walk around outside the large
facility while my instructor walked behind me and observed how well I was walking. I guess I did OK,
because I was not again asked to bring my cane, and since that day it has now been some 18 1/2 years, and I have not once needed to use a cane again.

Then, I was asked to take a test so that I would be allowed to drive an automobile again, and I did so,
and I practiced much. They made me take a test like for a brand new driver, but I passed it,
and then I got my license, and began to again drive my Dodge van which I still had parked outside our home.
I was always a careful driver, and I drive locally and I drive my share also when we go on vacation trips.

Thanks to the doctors, and nurses who helped me recover! Thank you to God!
To those of you who are recovering from something like this, I wish you the very best!


Congratulations John_P.
It sounds like you’ve come through it all fairly well. We LOVE to hear the about the positive outcomes.
They give people starting this journey hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


As I was reading this, I was thinking “I bet this was some time ago” and sure enough eighteen and a half years! But no less relevant, no less encouraging. In fact, very encouraging to members here who have recently been struck down by their AVM and also to people who discover us tomorrow or next year.

John, lovely share, as always.

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This was still super helpful to me. It takes a lot of time and giving yourself grace for what we’ve been through. We’re still here, so we have a purpose, even if only to share our story and hope. Thanks again! I enjoy reading your posts! :grin::sunny::pray:t5::heart:


Thank you for the inspiration John! We will keep faith and be walking again soon!