Starting Gamma Knife

After the scare Erin gave us her Dr. now feels it is time to move on to stage 2 of her treatment! We will be going Thursday, March7th to Roswell hospital in Buffalo, NY to meet her Gamma Knife Dr. . I am nervous but excited that we are moving forward! Thanks again everyone for all your love and support!

That is where I had both of my gamma knives done! Its by far a draining day the day of gamma and the waiting game SUCKS!!! I am 1 year and 4 months into my 2nd gamma knife. I did a lot of crying my first time having gamma and the second time I cried but not as much. Its just a every overwhelming day. The consultation isnt so bad lots of information. Best of luck to you guys. Let us know when she gets her gamma done! :)

Sending more waves of positve energy your way. Oh also said another prayer!!

Best of luck to you guys. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.