Staple Removal

I posted this on my comment page earlier in the week, but I figured I would move it here since people keep asking about my staple removal and my original comment no longer shows on my main comment page. I apologize for the confusion!

I survived my staple removal! I’ll try to post some new pictures tonight or tomorrow (perhaps tomorrow, since my incision is a bit crusty and gross from where the staples were). Getting the staples pulled out didn’t really hurt–there were only a few that stung and one that got caught in my hair; overall, the pinch was less painful than plucking my eyebrows.

I went to my local neurosurgeon–Dr. Kissel–to get my staples out. He said my incision looks fine, and he doesn’t anticipate any new complications from my surgery, since I’ve done so well so far. He recommended I wait a few months before flying (important, since my husband and I need to go look at apartments in Chicago in June) and that I try to increase my level of activity gradually. He thinks I should wait for my follow-up MRI for a year, but I’ll have to check with Dr. Steinberg to see what he recommends–I don’t want to wait a whole year! Sadly, I have to make an appointment with my neurologist (my least favorite member of my neuro team) to get my Keppra refilled and to discuss the plan for weaning me off in a few months.

The new part: Since Monday, I’ve heard from Dr. Steinberg’s office. I’ll be going for a follow-up MRI and consultation with Dr. Steinberg in three months (before I move). They’re also going to refer me to a neurosurgeon at Northwestern in Chicago (Dr. H. Batjer) who will monitor my progress for the long term. I’ve also been given the okay to drive again and to have alcohol, although I’m waiting on both until I have my neurologist appointment on Wednesday (just to make sure that a) he didn’t report me to the DMV, which he implied in December; and b) alcohol won’t interfere with my Keppra, which Dr. Steinberg’s nurses may not remember I’m still on).

Also, I had my hair cut yesterday, and my wonderful stylist at the local Aveda salon was not grossed out by my scar. In fact, she was quite intrigued and kept asking questions about my surgery.

wow jenny… i tried to drink a margarita a month after my surgery and i took a few sips and it kicked my butt… i now dont drink anymore…use to drink on the weekends when i went out with my friends!!! i am really scared ot drink anyway.