Staple removal

Just wondering if any of you had a lot of pain with staple removal after craniotomy? I'm supposed to get them taken out this week and I'm a little scared. I have heard it really hurts. Any advise?

I was still in a coma when my staples were removed so I can't answer that question specifically but I've had staples from surgeries in my neck and stomach. I didn't feel anything other than a little tugging when they were removed. Wishing you a pain free staple removal!

I had stitches for my crani incision, but the used one staple to close up the small incision when they removed the drain a couple of days later. The one staple didn't hurt at all to be removed. The stitches were a little uncomfortable, but not particularly painful.

My son had 63 staples after his AVM surgery. He had them removed about two weeks ago. He said that they did not hurt, but were a little uncomfortable. Hope this helps!

I had 57 of them removed 2 weeks after surgery. They stung a little, with a little tug every time (I mean... your skin was stapled), but after it's taken out, there's no problem, and it doesn't bleed.
It's at most maybe 3 or 4 minutes of little pricks, and then you are all done. My nurse talked with me the whole time, and she was very systematic about it. Just pluck, pluck, pluck. No wiggling or wrestling.

It's A LOT better than what they used to do, which was to pull out stitches! Ouch.
Good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine!
(I was a little sad I lost my "shiny tiara.")

It's kind of fuzzy after a few years, but when the physicin's assistant took out my staples - she did in in two different days - probably because of my panic attack and "post-traumatic stress" of another loss, even though just staples (it must have been for embo.? because I, like Tric, was in a coma after my bleed), I think that my anticipation "hurt" more than it actually did. They probably put some type of pain killer in my pegtube??? When in doubt, ask for painkillers and ask for someone to drive you home. =)

If it helps at all, the staple-removal process was really insignificant to me in the grand scheme of things now.

The staples weren't bad for me. I don't even remember them. They were not a big deal to pull out. I had kidney stones later and they were much more painful.

I was super afraid that the staple removal would hurt but dare I ay that I barly even felt them coming out. I would suggest bringing a loved one for moral support but the first round of staples was a breeze for me. I now have a second set that is to be removed 6/25. Hopefully this goes just as well. The itching associated with having the thstaples is far worse than the removal in my opinion. Good luck!

I was so nervous about having my staples removed...Honestly, it didn't hurt..i felt a few pricks but didnt hurt at all

My comment does not even compare to most of these. I had one staple removed from my head and I didn't even feel it come out. It did itch a little afterwards.

removing the staples didn't hurt at all. the newly graduated nurse nervously removing them while oblivious to the fact she was sitting on and crushing the fingers on my right hand, hurt more. isn't it great to have lasting happy memories from our surgery?